Sports Facilities

M.C.E.S.English Medium School and Junior College,

Azam Campus, Pune – 1

Physical Education is an integral part of the total education system. It helps in the attainment of the ultimate aim of education i.e. the achievement of holistic development. Games and Sports play a vital role in a student’s life. A student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations. But, he should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life. Along with bookish learning, a student should spend his time on games and sports also. Either study or work alone makes us exhaust. We remain no longer efficient to do any work. Sports remove our mental exhaustion. Education without sports is incomplete. The Department of Physical Education and Sports marks itself as one of the most efficacious Department of M.C.E.S. English Medium School and Junior College. It strives to excel at all levels and bring laurels to the school and college. With the help of Azam Sports Academy, we are continuously improving in the sports field. Considering the concept of “SPORTS FOR ALL” throughout the entire session we organized Inter- House Athletic Sports Meet for students as well as some sports activities for staff (teaching and non-teaching). It is one of the largest co-curricular activity programs that offer an extensive opportunity to all the students and staff. This venture shall enable the students and staff to have fun, learn new sports, enhance social interaction, and tests one’s physical capability. These competitions also offer a break from the daily routine tasks and recreate or re-energetic them.

Annual Inter-House Sports Meet 2019-20:

An Annual Inter-School Sports Meet held on the 13 th to 17 th of January 2020 at V. M Gani Sports Pavilion, Azam Campus. The sports meet was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. Shaila Bootwala (Principal, Abeda Inamdar Junior College Azam Campus) Mr. P.A.Inamdar President of the Faction also Presents on the dais. Mr. Ibrahim Jahgirdar. Principal M. C. E. S. English Medium School, delivered the welcome address and Mrs. Shabnam Peerzade, given the Introduction of the chief guest. The first event was a colorful March Past. The judges for the same were Mr. Deepak Shukla (NCC Leader in Abeda Inamdar Senior College), Mr. Vinay Dhamal (NCC Leader in Abeda Inamdar Senior College ) Mr. Sajid Hussain (NCC Commander in Abeda Inamdar Senior College ). The March Past was followed by the lighting of the torch and the oath –taking ceremony. The Chief Guest then declared the meet open. The Students of the school put up Dumbbell’s Drill Style P.T Display and the First Tug-Of-War Pull was held. The Chief Guest address the Students., Mr. P. A. Inamdar Sir also shared his thought with them.The March Past winner was delivered a trophy was presented to the Blue House and Green House stood Second and the Red House was in the 3 rd and Yellow House stood 4 the Position. The participants competed within their respective House Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. The following events have been organized for the inter-House Athletic sports Meet for students:

 50mt. run  80mt. run   Zigzag run  Hurdles run  Relays and TUG
For Teaching and Non-teaching Staff: –
 Bricks walk  Book Balancing
 Three-legged race
 Blowing balloon 1 minute.
From the beginning of the session, our sports person of respective games start their practice session and they work very hard for converting their sweat into winning trophies for the fame of our school and college.

Facilities have been provided by Azam Sports Academy.-
A) Sports Facilities:-
 Slandered 400 m Running Track
 Cricket ground with 8 turf wickets

 Fully equipped gymnasium and,
 Weightlifting and Powerlifting hall
 Basketball and Lawn tennis court
 10 M. Shooting range
 Well-equipped pavilion
 Recreation hall
 Trained Coaches for all sports

B) Facilities provided to students:
 The students are provided with a complete sports kit free of cost including
playing kit and equipment.
 Winner teams are appreciated with complimentary gifts.
 All expenses (T.A. / D.A. / Registration fees, etc) for the competitions up
to Notational level are borne by the Azam Sports Academy.

C) Special Facilities for State, National, And International Players:
1) Monthly Diet scholarship.
2) Concession in fees.
3) Hostel facilities available.

INTER Tug-of-War Winner TEAM
Obstacle race
Play Group race
Nursery race
Kindergarten race

Champions Images / Photos

Karate Champion (International)
Softball Boys team – State Level

Softball Boys team – District Level
Softball Girls team – District Level
Boxing Champion
Kickboxing Champion
Karate Champion (International)
Weightlifting and Powerlifting Winners