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The Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s English Medium Primary School, Azam Campus, Pune was established in the year 1964.

The school was initially headed by Mr. Y. D. Khan, Ex-Registrar of Aligarh Muslim University and Pune University, who was then President of M.C.E. Society, Mr. Ismail Omar, member of Governing Board was the first Chairman of the School Committee and Mrs. Roshni Mehta was the first Headmistress of the School. Mr. Y. D. Khan secured permission from the Education Department- Zilla Parishad, Pune to start an English Medium School on the present Azam Campus.

The school started functioning in an old bungalow which was later demolished to construct Senior College Library and Roghay Girls Hostel.

The school worked in two shifts for lack of accommodation. (Nursery and Kindergarten during the morning session and classes I to IV during the afternoon). A meager fee of Rs.10/- per month was charged and education was imparted to children of all communities irrespective of their religion, caste, and creed.

Subsequently, the English Medium Primary School was recognized by the Zilla Parishad, Pune as an unaided English Medium Primary School in the year 1966.

Dr. P. A. Inamdar – The present President of the M.C.E. Society, has played an important role in improving the infrastructure of the school by constructing a fully furnished new school building in the year 1994 on its present location.

From a school of 6 teachers and 82 students, it has grown to a school of nearly 87 qualified staff members (Teaching & Non-Teaching) and nearly 2412 students. The school now boasts of having classes from P. Nursery to Std XII.

The school has a well-equipped Computer Laboratory and an updated Library and many other modern facilities.

Each staff member is computer literate. The teaching staff uses technology very effectively to make the teaching-learning process more enjoyable.

Computers have changed almost every facet of daily life, and one can be sure that their presence is to become even more ubiquitous. Keeping this need in mind, special computer classes are held for the students who wish to enhance their knowledge in the subject. They are taught M. S. Office, Programming Language, DTP, Applications. They are also enrolled for CCC Robotics and Hardware training. This academic year we also started with training our students for hardware and mobile repairing.

Values and guiding principles are essential to shaping one’s life so that the civilization that teaches us to manage complexities can be sustained and further developed.    It begins at home and is continued in our school. Islamic Education is imparted to Muslim children to stay rooted in its religious teachings and to develop strong morals and values to become better human beings.

Children of our school are members of the different Subject Academies established by the M.C.E. Society like Science, Math,s, and English. These Subject Academies help the students to improve his/her knowledge of a subject which he/she desires to specialize through projects, exhibitions, and excursions.

Students are also involved in sports through the M.C.E. Society’s sports academy which helps them to show their potential on the field.

The school completed 50 years of its existence in the year 2014. Golden Jubilee of the school was celebrated throughout the academic year 2013-14 with many activities and Inter-School competitions.

The school is proud of its long history and academic tradition and it is unique in the way it has kept abreast with the new trends in education and has made a significant contribution in every walk of life.

The school has responded to the changing needs of children and is a living tribute to the fine training and education imparted.