Principal Message

              It is my great pleasure to present our school student’s achievements in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. For us, education goes beyond acquiring knowledge. It includes inculcating values of creativity, innovativeness and confidence. Our modern teaching learning methods impart our students equipped with all the knowledge and skills to face modern, fast-developing world challenges.

              Our unique curriculum is based on innovative ways of arousing curiosity through experimental learning.  We believe that a good educational system helps to nurture the student’s talents and overcome shortcomings by providing appropriate holistic education.

              We are not only providing quality education but also various skilled courses like- coding, robotics,  computer hardware, cybersecurity, mobile repairing, and solar energy training courses. We provide various platforms for students to perform and develop their proficiency.

               Excellent students are not possible without committed and dynamic school members led by the rightly motivating leader. The school has made a rapid action research progress plan under the guidance of hon. president Dr. P.A. Inamdar Sir.  I am confident enough that the MCES ENGLISH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE will make themselves stronger day by day, adding a new leaf to the grandeur of the school.